Arthur was born in a small village in western France. His father, vice world champion of windsurfing, is responsible for Arthur’s taste for competition. Not only did Arthur discover breakdance through a music video on television at the age of 9, he also found his way to succeed by being different. His unusual body shape for breakdancing lead him to develop a singular gesture. Being born inflexible, Arthur started stretching everyday after school from the age of 12. Two years later, his determined stretching regime paid off and he developed extreme flexibility. His newfound special ability allowed him to create unique movements and enabled him to stand out remarkably whilst competing against advanced breakdancers in one-vs-one competitions. Although he was criticized by old-school breakdancers, Arthur’s unusual flexible-style and his young age made him a crowd favorite. 

At the age of 14, Arthur made his first TV appearance in 2006. Following his initial exposure to the public, he published his first ''Dance Tricks'' video in 2007. The video received over 200k views on Youtube. The popularity of his video opened his eyes to the potential opportunities Youtube could provide and helped him realize his ability to use the social media platform as a tool to make a connection with the rest of the world from his hometown. Arthur used Youtube videos not just as a learning tool, but also as a way to share his movement research with the dance community.

In 2009, Arthur stopped breakdance competitions and decided to pursue his journey learning acrobatics, circus, parkour, ballet and dance. He continued sharing his progress on Youtube for two years and 2011 he published a ''yoga breakdance'' video which went viral. With over 10 millions views, Arthur’s talent was revealed to the world. The next year, Arthur moved to Montreal to obtain a Master degree in Architecture. Due to the great impact of his “yoga breakdance” video, Arthur received various dance contracts around the world which allowed him to afford his studies. When Arthur graduated from the University of Montreal, he switched courses and decided to pursue his dance career. 

2014 was a year full of opportunities for Arthur. Not only did he star in a major Nestle commercial campaign in the Philippines, he was in a Go-Pro sponsored video, and he was the main actor in a sci-fi dance short film, in close collaboration with Folks VFX. By the age of 22, Arthur had performed at one of the biggest circus festivals in the world, Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, as a representative of the french flag. His success continued in 2015 when he performed at a Google special event and was invited by Gilbert Rozon to perform at one of the biggest humor festivals in the world; Just for Laughs. Additionally, Arthur produced a photo-series called “Wonderland Creature”. His series was quoted “fascinating work” by Radio Nova and “must seen photography series” by Lenouvelobs. The next year, Arthur performed at a 2016 NFL halftime show in front of 70,000 people in Atlanta. Additionally he did a show with Cirque du Soleil in Montreal. The same year he obtained a Yoga Teacher Training diploma and then taught a master class at Stanford University. In 2017, Arthur was a guest performer on various TV shows around the world such as “Tu Si Que Vales” and “It’s Show Time”. 

In 2017, he performed + 500 shows as a main role that he co-created with Franco Dragone in the multimillion dollars budget show ''la perle'' in Dubaï. In 2018, He was Artistic Director of the PF award ceremony at the Burjkhalifa in Dubai.