- Avatar -

''Avatar'' is Cabaret contortion act. Directed by Franco Dragone, choreographed and performed by Arthur cadre. Live band music. Light and projection by Franco Dragone company. Act copyright : franco dragone company.

- Dreamland -

''Dreamland'' is a poetic breakdance and contortion act. directed / choreographed and performed by Arthur cadre. Live music by Scott Price. Video from Festival Mondial du cirque de demain.

'' Dreamland is a golden moment. a poetic sequence where the fluidity of his balancing incorporate breakdance. it is through this synthesis of forms that his work is major in the contemporary landscape, without abandoning exacting classical purity.''

Cirque de demain

- Another Love -

''Another love'' is a Contemporary Dance and Acrobatic act. directed, choreographed and performed by Arthur cadre. Music by Tom Odell. Video from France's got talent.


By Bertil Nilsson , Karla voleau