- Erotic dreams -


''The atmosphere is sensual yet powerful in this series of photographs of people squeeze into awkward corners to adopt together the shapes of letters and triangles. For Colourful Encounter photographer Arthur Cadre chose a couple to realize his vision geometrically merged bodies. He lets the bodies bathed in a warm glow of fiery red and dim purple colors to properly highlight the lines of his human geometries.''  

                                                            The creators Project

''Yoga’s acrobatic aesthetic in perfection.''  

                                                                                                  Weandcolour Mag


- Wonderland Creatures -

''In the photography series 'Wonderland creatures', French dancer Arthur Cadre photographed and performed mesmerizing body positions in natural landscapes. The images, which were shot in locations around the world, see Cadre twisting his body and transforming himself into ethereal forms that complement the backdrop. In addition to dance, he practices disciplines such as acrobatics, circus and contortion.''

                                                                   Ignant Magazine

''A must see photography serie''

                                                                                 O, Le Nouvel Obs


''This work is Fascinating.''

                                                            Radio Nova


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Tabi Labo (Japanese), Graine de Photographe (french), Artistup, under construction