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Arthur Cadre (also known as lilcrabe) will challenge your vision of dance. Self-taught from a young age, he released himself from conventional dance by utilizing his contortion ability to forge his own way of movement. His work will awaken your imagination. Now, he travels the world as an entrepreneur of art and raises people’s emotions with his performances.

Born in a small town of France, Arthur does his first dance step at the age of 9. At age 13, he starts to get recognition by participating at international breakdance competitions. His unusual body shape for this dance style allows him to develop a singular gesture. He makes his first TV appearance in 2007 at age 14. 

In 2011, he publishes a viral Youtube video seen over 10 million times, and reveals his talent to the world. He then collaborated with Brand such as  Reebok, GoPro, Red Bull, Bmw, Ebay, GoogleNestle to name a few of them. He obtains the lead-role in the short-film ''cercle'' in collaboration with the special effects company Folks vfx. On the side of his artistic career, Arthur obtains a Master Degree in Architecture at the University of Montreal in 2014. The same year he obtained a ''Yoga Teacher Training'' diploma. In 2015, he represented France at ''festival mondiale du Cirque de Demain''. He was invited by Gilbert Rozon to perform at the largest humor festivals in the world ''Just for Laughs'' where he performed on a music produced by Scott Price. Arthur produced the photo-series  Wonderland Creature that was quoted “fascinating work” by Radio Nova and “must seen photography series” by Lenouvelobs. In 2016, Arthur performed a NFL halftime show facing 70,000 people in Atlanta, He did a show with Cirque du Soleil in Montreal and taught a master class at Stanford University

In 2017, he performed + 100 shows as a main role that he co-created with Franco Dragone in the 250M$ budget show ''la perle'' in Dubaï. He was also guest performer on various TV shows around the world such as “Tu Si Que Vales”, “It’s Show Time”.